Invisible Shape on the Red Planet

I propose to create Invisible Shape, a site-specific architectural complex that is to be placed on the Mars, which is conceptually and structurally based on principles of green architecture. In creating this site-specific installation, I will explore digital media including light boxes, projection, and digital prints.

Our world continues to evolve as a result of globalization, which is largely aided by technological advancements. New technologies help pave the way for future human exploration of the galaxy.

However, globalization and technology have had negative effects on many aspects of human life, especially for the environment. With Invisible Shape, I am focusing on waste that eventually finds itself on other planets as humans explore the galaxy.  I am using this as a starting point for addressing the detrimental effects of environmental pollution by transforming small, discarded objects into an architectural form.

In the first phase I utilize auto parts as puzzle pieces from which I will create a conceptual model of space and time, showing, as the title suggests, their invisible shapes. By design, each puzzle piece will be situated to represent movement as a sine wave illustrating an upper and lower envelope. The puzzle pieces will include plastic car lights, bent bumpers, car radiator grills and a car door. In the second phase using a 3D printer I will explore these models of invisible shapes and transform them into architectural structures.

My creative process begins with an exploration of the environment, and my previous work concerns interactions between humans and the natural world.  Invisible Shape aims to highlight the connections between the designs for everyday life, industry, and our natural and built environments.

Tower 1